PR etc

In my day job, I work for an agency. It’s quite a big agency, and has a lot of clients, particularly in the FMCG world. I’m part of team Unilever. That means that, while I’m very happy to hear from PR and brand teams of all sorts, there are certain clients I will, for professional reasons, decline; for example, if they provoke a conflict of interest with a brand I / TMW Unlimited work with.

That still leaves the door open for lots of bloggeriffic fun times, but I thought it was better to put this up front.

If you are interested in getting in touch, just drop me a line. I will, of course, always be completely honest about what I think about a product, film, book or experience. Most of the reviews I write are just because I did / saw / ate something and felt like writing about it, so they don’t carry disclaimers; if I’ve been approached by a brand or PR, or received any sort of payment or product,  it will be completely clear in the post. Links for any compensated posts will be no follow.


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