Guess where we are?

First things first: I’m Greek, so of course I know how to spell ‘moussaka’. And no, that’s not my blog name.

Now we’ve got that out of the way… I’m Alex. I lead on content at Things Unlimited, which is part of the TMW Unlimited Group.  The words on this blog are my own, and should not be taken as the position of my employer, clients or anyone connected to the Unlimited Group.

I also blog about films, Disney, food, books, writing, sketching, low-sugar living, parenthood or anything else I have a considered opinion on – sometimes even, you know, social media. On some channels, such as Twitter and Instagram, I’m known as ‘mokuska’*. Although on Instagram my ad hoc approach to fashion has its own fitfully updated presence.

I have a Linked In profile you’re welcome to peruse, or you can email me, which is by far the best way – and certainly my preferred way – of getting in touch with me. 

I’ve contributed to lovely sites like Bea Magazine The F Word and Great British Chefs on everything from food to feminism, with a dash of pop culture thrown in for good measure.

As well as being a thoroughly enthusiastic mother of an endlessly entertaining daughter, I love cooking and cats (not to be combined) and have a complete obsession with Disney, in particular my ‘home’ park: Walt Disney World. I would love to work for The Mouse one day. We’ve already indoctrinated the Increasingly Big Child into the Small World by taking her to Disneyland Paris, which you can read all about here and whisked her off to the Florida Project in 2015, where we ate everything and survived visiting with small children. And then did it all again for Christmas 2016 because apparently we don’t like having money.

Otherwise I read, write, sketch, keep a brooch for every occasion, wear silly Marvel leggings,and have a mild tea problem.

Finally, a note on my comment policy: 

  • People who haven’t commented before are pre-moderated purely as an extra measure against spam. It’s needed.
  • Generally speaking I’ll publish anything that isn’t spam or obvious trolling / hate speech. I get to decide what qualifies as the latter.
  •  I have yet to withhold publication of anything other than spam; it would be wonderful to keep it that way.

*It means “little squirrel” in Hungarian. I am not Hungarian. I am not a diminutive rodent. I leave you to enjoy these facts in the manner of your choosing.