Greetings: Take Two

So, after a hesitant start earlier today on this long-overdue project to build myself a teeny tiny corner of the Internet to call my own, I can finally greet you properly. Okay, the glue on the laminate flooring is still drying and it could do with a lick of paint, but I’ve made a start on most of the boxes and I’m ready to have a cuppa amid the tea chests. Have I spread the analogy too thin yet?

So, yes. I’m not going to tell you much about myself, because there’s a button somewhere to the right of this post that says “About Me” and you can learn it all there. Also, there’s a bit called “My Online Life” which is basically a list of places you can find things I’ve written. And I obviously plan to write a fair bit more here.

A word of caution; although I call myself a “Social Media Bod”, I don’t think of myself as a web 2.0 expert or digital strategist. That is, I’ll happily sit down and describe to you at length and in reasonably considered detail why I think social marketing is valuable and important and how I go about it. I’ll also tell you how I think you could go about it (it’ll be different depending on budget, sector and relevance). But I don’t dress it up in language like “digital space” and “e-communications strategy”. Online marketing is largely common sense, and involves being a real person talking to real people. If you want to hide behind fake names or have a lack of authentic communication, then I’m afraid I can’t really help you. I believe in demystifying the Internet, not creating more jargon. If, like me, you just want to have an effective, respectful conversation that happens to take place online then I think we’ll definitely get along.

Right. That’s the first awkward post over and done with. From tomorrow I’ll write for you like we’re old friends, stick my feet up on the virtual table and steal your Hob Nobs.

Nighty night.

One Comment

  1. what do you mean you steal MY HobNobs?
    I thought I was coming here to steal yours!!!!!!


    Pleased to see you at the bright now home!


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