Twitter: my two cents (again)

I’m not going to apologise for writing more about Twitter because I use it every day for work and pleasure. So why wouldn’t I write about it? Rest assured this is not another “slebs on Twitter” or “is Twitter full of twits?” tired and hackneyed ‘article’. It’s just one persons thoughts on things that would improve and, conversely, destroy Twitter.

Things That Would Improve Twitter:

  • A built in ability to group tweets, TweetDeck style.
  • A small html box under the profile on which to put a donation button, picture link etc. I stress small again.
  • If @replying to two people at once was delivered to both of them. And following on from that:
  • Having replies that don’t include your @name first delivered to you (including RTs, so you can thank them).

Things That Definitely Wouldn’t:

  • Any kind of ‘friending’: the virtue of following is that you don’t need permission.
  • Paid-for features you used to get for free (I’m open to new ones that are only useful to pro users).

Very small, non-earthshattering things, these, but they’d make my life easier (or more difficult, depending on which list you’re reading). I plan to come back and add to this as things occur to me.

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