Female Social Media Guru – second round!

Thanks to some Obama-standard campaigning from J, and a lovely, loyal community I have come to know well, I seem to be through to the next round of the Female Social Media Guru Award.

This is, in a word, fab. I have a hilariously English attitude towards self-promotion sometimes, feeling like I just shouldn’t say when good things like this happen. Off course this is at odds with good social communication, which is all about telling people things and listening in return. So online (and on paper) I am quite a different personality from offline, where I tend to downplay my achievements. Perhaps the reason I feel so comfortable in the online world is because it allows the confident side of my personality to show through.

Anyway, I’m through and I’m happy about it. I have a presentation to do next, which I have yet to hear many more details about, but I will update when I do. It will be filmed and used as the basis for a second vote. Jamie, who’s running the hastily-put-together competition is already, in the true spirit of such things, thinking ahead of ways to improve the situation next year. I just say well done for highlighting the area. As I’ve said before, it’ll be nice when we can stop dividing things by gender, but where one sex is under-represented, it’s great to be recognised.

On a personal note, it turns out that Helen Aspell, who is also in the top five, has an excellent Twitter handle and represents the only other non-profit (the Equality and Human Rights Commission) knew my sister at university and is still friends with her. Small world, much?

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