Ten Days of Disney: Fast Pass

Now, though the fella behind @TheDisneyBlog hated Fast Pass (and I have yet to get round to asking him why, although I’m very curious), I found it a thoroughly useful and excellent invention in 2004 when I first used it at WDW.

The concept is brilliantly simple: the queue is too long right now, so you get an hour-long slot (for rides) or performance time (for shows) to come back for, leaving you with a very short wait compared to the standby lines.

In practice most of the Fast Pass tickets are gone by 11am, but if you plan your park visit carefully – it does require a certain amount of military precision although there’s still arguably room for spontaneity – you’ll get hold of ones for the rides you most want to go on. For me the key Fast Passes to bag will be for Splash Mountain, Mission Space and Soarin’, I reckon (if they all do FP, which I believe they do).

No system is perfect, but as a way of helping you plan your day around the park without having to account for very long queues, it’s very helpful.

Day One: Howard Ashman & Alan Menken

Day Two: EPCOT

Day Three: Landscaping

Day Four: Pixar

Day Five: Disney for Good

Day Six, Seven & Eight: Adult Entertainment, Phil Harris & Sterling Holloway, Fireworks


  1. Aw, thank you! I’m thinking it suits me quite well…!! Hope everything’s on an upswing with you now. x


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