Always on my mind… stuff I might blog about

Well, not always*, but these are some of the things that have been on my mind this week and which might well get blogged about soon.

1. Children and Blogging

As in, why do people feel the need to align themselves into mommy or child-free camps. Why is there such a dividing line? Why does it matter?

2. Feline Asthma

One of my cats has it. Inexplicably (it isn’t my fault) I feel guilty.

3. Baking

I’m thinking cookies at the moment, and thus stole / borrowed a star-shaped cookie cutter from my mother. In fairness she’s had it two years and never used it. My sister makes very nice gingerbread, so I figure I should opt for a different flavour to widen the family skillset. On the other hand, I’m still thinking about artful cupcake icing so it might not be cookies at all.

4. Disneyland Paris

Having been back to the absolute pinnacle of the Disney experience, I’m now craving more Mouse. Perhaps a trip to Paris would assuage it? Husband thinks otherwise, and on previous visits it really hasn’t felt the same.

5. The Monster Book

Sickness threw me off balance, but I want Ashley to read it and give me some feedback. I know the tone has changed and need to keep writing before I’m tempted to wade in and start re-writing. Must. Get. Motivation.

*Also, isn’t that song horrible? Maybe I treated you appallingly but, it’s okay, I was thinking of you the whole time. Yeesh.


  1. Well, I can only speak for myself, as a childfree person, but for me it matters purely because people quite frequently question my decision, or feel the need to make offensive character judgements based on the fact that I don’t want children. If people with children would stop doing that, I wouldn’t ever mention it: not wanting children isn’t something I think about very often or particularly want to pontificate about, because I honestly don’t care how other people choose to live their lives. But sometimes the endless judging gets too much and I will have a bit of a rant 🙂

    On a lighter note, I’ve always wondered what Disney Paris would be like compared to the Mother Ship. I’ve always assumed the colder weather would make it feel a bit surreal!


    1. Truth be told, though I know you don’t want kids, you’re not the kind of person that baffles me. To get irritated with anyone questioning you on ANYthing that’s not their business is both normal and likely! I guess it’s the likes of Twitter’s @childfreeonline who claim not to hate kids but link to lots of snarky stuff about them. There’s no need to go hating kids just cos you don’t have your own… (not that I think you do).


  2. Oh, totally agree! And I actually find people who say they “hate” kids very strange – I may not want one myself, but they’re just small people and they’re not all the same, so saying you “hate” them is like saying you hate all 42 year olds or something.


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