This is why I love my husband…

…and also why he should heed my calls to start a blog himself. We were having an email conversation about where to go for a short break this summer and I got the following by email:

Unless of course there is somewhere that springs in your mind? I am all ears.

Well, of course, not ALL ears. That would be freaky. But probably would have me in great demand from the medical establishment for those poor unfortunate souls who have lost THEIR ears…perhaps as a result of some dreadful agricultural incident involving a wheat thresher.

At least, it would take the pressure off those rather put-upon lab mice who have ears genetically springing from their backs. Although I dare say it gives them an added advantage when it comes to escaping predators. Do you think that perhaps other mice use their services, stationing them along the edges of their mice homes, much as we strung out radar installations along the southern coastline during World War II to warn us of the advance of the Luftwaffe? I bet they’d make a fortune if they charged for their services. The mice that is, not the Luftwaffe. They’d be up to their eyes in cheese. And ears too, I’ll wager.


  1. How could anyone NOT enjoy being married to a man who writes stuff like this? You will laugh all of your married life. Bless his heart, Alex!


  2. Aw, thank you. He’s wonderfully random and hilarious – I try not to gush but sometimes it all comes out in one go. 😉


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