Travel guides, bluestockings and a baking hiatus

Remember a few posts ago, before it all went gallbladder-shaped, that I promised to link to a travel post on Bruges I was writing for BitchBuzz? Well here it is. I’m beginning to form a similar post on Rome in my head at the moment, and being Greek I have plenty to say about visiting Athens. In a funny way, I’ve only learned to appreciate Athens as a tourist in the last few years; as a child it was a procession of relatives’ houses, syrupy preserved fruit and the odd smell of lavender and mothballs… but that’s for the memoir I’m a little too young to write.

I’ve received a copy of Jane Robinson’s Bluestockings: The Remarkable Story of the First Women to Fight for an Education to review for The F Word, too. Luckily I have an awful lot of reading time on my hands, being more of less pinned to the sofa. I’m alternating between the above and Robert Löhr’s excellent Secrets of the Chess Machine, sent to me by a thoughtful friend.

Although I’m getting up to walk around as much as possible and trying to get strong very quickly, public transport is still an issue when the slightest carrying weight or jostle to the side causes a wave of pain through my torso. Frankly, even lying still can do it sometimes, and though movement is not so difficult now, sitting up in a chair for long periods tends to make the upper two incision sites pull, throb and itch. I’m blogging lying down, having felt I ought to do something for Dogs Trust. I miss my job! At least the bloody awful pain in the shoulder has stopped; it’s caused, somewhat improbably, by left over CO2 in the system after the operation (you’re inflated with it during the procedure) and is totally excruciating. I’ve now weaned myself off the painkillers because I’m really precious about medication; I simply won’t take anything I don’t desperately need. I never touched the codeine I was given and took the paracetamol until Sunday – since Monday morning, I’m drug-free. And sore. And missing the swimming and jogging I’d recently finally convinced my wobbly bits that they could do.

So the above paragraph should explain the baking hiatus. I won’t be able to cope with standing and hefting baking trays for a few more days. I’ll be back in the saddle – work and baking – on the 1st of September, although I hold out some hope I’ll be able to go in on Friday if things improve faster…


  1. Oh, Mokuska! I’ve been thinking of you and missing you on the network, hoping all your pains and itches and worries would just go away and leave you yourself again at 100% power.

    For some inexplicable reason, we’ve been baking up a storm here in Orlando, though mostly breads and pizzas, soothing to make and delicious eating. Perhaps breads because the weather outside is perfect for rising in the morning (you know like a low temp oven :D) Still stifling in the afternoons until the rainstorms rush in around 4p. The garden is a wreck, destroyed by rain.

    Did you read that Disney is buying Marvel Comics? Here in Orlando, we’re wondering what Universal will do when their contract runs out on the Spiderman adventure and big green Hulk roller coaster. Well, I guess they could leave the rollercoaster as it is and just change the name, but they’ll have to figure out what to do with all the Spiderman real estate and the themed virtual reality. Clever Disney.

    Until you’re back in the swing of things, I’m glad you find the wherewithal to write even if lying down.

    Get well soon!, back to work and back to baking happily. ~Diane (dc2fla)


    1. Aw, how kind, thank you! I am definitely much better and will blog again soon.

      My first thought was what was going to happen about that, to be honest! I’m not a huge coaster person, so for me visiting Islands of Adventure is pretty much just to go on the Spidey ride which I think is absolutely fantastic and one of the few to rival Disney Imagineering. Very interesting to see what happens to the whole of Marvel Island…


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