Decoy kittens have found homes – thankfully never at risk of PTS

I received the following from my friend Sam, who contacted Decoy Kitten Rescue about the 60 kittens in need of homes that the Daily Fail Mail had said were due to be killed if homes were not found. He got the reply directly from a volunteer at the centre:

I am a volunteer at Decoy Kitten Rescue.

Anyone wishing to donate money can send a cheque made payable to: C.Hardwicke (Decoy Kitten Rescue) and send it to:

Decoy Kitten Rescue

40 Keyberry Park
Newton Abbot

TQ12 1DF

Please note that we never spoke to the daily mail or ANY of the tabloids.

NONE of our animals were going to be destroyed… we rescue NOT kill. [my emphasis]

All the cats that are ready for rehoming have been allocated and homes are ready and waiting for our little ones when they are ready too.

I appologise for people not being able to get through on the phone but we have been experiencing high call volumes.

We do have a Facebook page… just type Decoy Kitten Rescue in the search box to find us.

You can also message Claire Hardwicke directly on Facebook.

I hope this helps


kind regards


So, the upshot is, the kittens have homes (possibly, in fairness, thanks to the publicity afforded to them by the Mail, even if they did add a crucial detail the centre claims not to have told them) and they were not on death row.


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