Hypnobirthing: to teach or not to teach?

Temptation has reared its head, and I don’t know whether to give in.

I have the opportunity to train to teach hypnobirthing with the same practitioner who taught me to practice it. Now, it worked very well for me and I’m very enthusiastic about it now, so I’d love to share that with other women. Also, if I’m confidently honest about my own skills, I tend to be pretty good at training and giving advice. So I can really see myself enjoying helping others gain from hypnobirthing.

But it’s not, of course, straightforward; training is quite expensive (as all worthwhile things seem to be) and we’re on one salary at the moment. And I wouldn’t be able to practice more than occasional evenings and weekends because I have a small child I really want to spend lots of time with and a full-time job I’m returning to next year that I enjoy very much indeed and wouldn’t give up.

So the real question is how much time and money is it acceptable to spend to indulge in something that I’d just really like to do for my own personal satisfaction?

The jury’s out.


    1. You know, I probably do… it’s just the guilt about spending it! (Also, I love that – I remember you and Chris talking about it in the office and I’ve used it before!).



  1. For me, the simplest financial consideration would be this: How long would it take you to earn back your investment?

    If it’s only 1-2 years, I’d go for it. Longer, I’d think twice or just wait.


  2. I’ve been in similar positions and I think it’s always best to remember all the factors that are making your heart beat faster to do a particular thing. In my case(s), a lot of it was emotional attachment to the experience I had, not a true ‘calling’ as it were to take on the activity, whatever it might have been.

    The training will still be available in a few months or a year and if your heart is really in it, you’ll be just as enthusiastic then as you are now. I think your priorities are as you have said – your family, your job and your financial reality. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! You’ll make an excellent choice no matter what.


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