BitchBuzz: Pregnant? You Don’t Have to Evict Your Cat

My bi-weekly column about all things pregnancy, birth and babies will be up on BitchBuzz every other Wednesday. Here’s a taster from 3rd November:

If you’re pregnant and you have a feline presence in your house, you can guarantee that the first thing you’ll get asked is “what are you going to do with the cat(s)?”. The person asking is always a little purse-lipped when you say things like “erm, feed them, stroke them, take them to the vet when needed, you know, the usual…”. Apparently a cat is only considered a member of the family until another human member of the family turns up.

This is largely because of fear caused by misinformation, or at least a rather panicky take on the facts.

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The photo is of one of our cats, Casper, who has taken to Ramona rather well, sniffing at her and occasionally flomping (the act of flopping down dramatically) nearby to watch her. She sometimes smiles at him.


  1. Great article, Alex. I’ve got two cats, one of whom immediately took the protective role over me as soon as I brought the baby home. The other one is slowly coming round, but has started overgrooming, which is stressful for all of us. He (the cat) is currently on homeopathic treatments, which seems to be working. But I agree, cats and babies can very happily – and safely – co-exist.


    1. Exactly; like people, individual cats have their issues. But it doesn’t take more than a little forward planning and logical thinking to get around them. One of my friends was telling me that when she was an infant their cat guarded her and wouldn’t let anyone but her mum near her without watching them like a hawk! Slept across the door to her room at night (and eventually in the cot with her, which I have to admit I wouldn’t like, not least because Ramona’s all of 3 months and 5.5kg and Casper’s freakin’ enormous and 6+kg).

      Hope he comes round soon. 🙂


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