Facebook Timeline for Pages: how are we all doing, then?

We left ours until just the day before – giving us  just enough time to make sure there were no problems with our cover photo etc.  And, with a little predictable and understandably grumbling from the community, we’ve adjusted pretty quickly.

But, of course, I’m curious to see how other people are taking to it. If being a community manager has taught me anything, it’s to embrace change on social channels, because it’s coming whether you like it or not and after a while you won’t even remember what it was like before. Below are my thoughts as they come to me – what are yours?

I have to admit I was a little taken aback by the way Timeline for Pages bundles ‘Others’* into a little box on one side; after four years of painstaking efforts at establishing and nurturing conversation between members of the community, they’ve been shunted off to the side overnight. Still, I suspect those who are keen on engaging will continue to engage, and while the message box is still mostly full of messages that could just as easily have been asked publicly I suspect it’s helping people who might not feel comfortable sharing out loud to speak to us, which is definitely a win for the organisation and our relationship with our supporters.

It’s a slight annoyance to me – given how image-heavy rehoming appeals are – that when comments are spammed you can only check them on the actual Timeline, not when viewing the image itself. When you put up a lot of pictures and encourage lots of people to say ‘awwwwwww’, you get a lot of accidentally spammed posts. But it’s a minor hindrance that I’m sure will be rectified in time.

The admin panel I do like; somehow, although it’s just the notifications tarted up, I like it better that way. I suspect I’m getting through the posts much faster and I’m certainly responding to comments on older posts more promptly; where I might have missed these things before, particularly with photos, it’s a lot more obvious now. And it means it’s that much easier to see where an update is needed and contact the relevant centres to get those updates.

I was a bit flummoxed by the cover photo restrictions, which are very negative about any kind of promotion – even a URL! I think a lot of organisations are going to ignore the regulations that insist on basically zero calls to action  – I know lots already have – and they’re undoubtedly going to get away with it, but is it worth doing so if the bulk of the activity on the page is in the News Feed anyway?

Are you sold on the new layout? Reluctantly compliant? Feverishly dreaming of developing an app that will allow you to view it as if it were an old style Page?

I’m pretty sure it’s ultimately going to make life easier for me; I’ll just have to examine Insights and wait and see if I can say the same for our community.

*I think labelling anyone as ‘Other’, no matter how technically accurate, makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I don’t like feeling like a community is Them and Us, even I am the one in charge of making trolls go away and answering questions.

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