Portrait of the Toddler as a Pre-Pre-Schooler

Ramona: “I’m going to play baking now. I’m just going to go and get a baking tin and I’ll be back in a sec.”

*trundles back and forth several times getting cookie cutters, squeezy icing bottles, paper cupcake cases and a silicon muffin tray*

Ramona: “I’m going to make biscuits! I’m going to make this Moomin-shaped biscuit…” *presses Moomin cookie cutter into the carpet* “Oh wait! I just need something else…”

*brings back a bag of toothpicks*

Me: “No, not those. Those are sharp, and you’ll hurt yourself. You can have  a look at one, and then they’re going back in the drawer. See? Right, off they go.”

*cataclysmic meltdown lasting a full three minutes*

(three minutes of wailing later)

Ramona: “And now we’re going to do some icing…”

If this is what 2 and 3/4 looks like, 3 is going to be a doozy.

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