2016: New year, new films

You know, I didn’t do badly with my 2015 list. Some of the things on there (*cough* Pan *cough*) dropped off, a few move into this year, other things got added as I went along, I got a few really great bonuses courtesy of the BFI London Film Festival, and there were some other great experiences – most notably being in the first public audience to see the lost-for-decades Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short Sleigh Bells on the big screen – that I didn’t get to writing about.

I’ve finally also got round to joining Letterboxd (let’s stalk each other there!), so now I have a slightly more orderly way of keeping an eye on my watchlist – and seeing just how many things I still need to mop up from the year(s) before.

Here’s a screenshot of the most recent few I’ve added (sorted so the earliest release dates go last). What else should I be adding? You can probably tell I really enjoy ridiculous big-budget stuff, adventure, drama and animation; however, I’m very very definitely open to a much wider field than that (except horror. I just can’t. I have nightmares for weeks). My top films of 2015 included Mistress America, Mr Holmes and High-Rise, if it helps.


(Note: I have no idea when Artemis Fowl is actually happening, but I’m pretty sure the paroxysms of unearthly joy that I unleashed when I heard one of my favourite kids’ series was getting the directorial treatment from His Royal Bloody Brilliantness Kenneth Branagh were felt on the International Space Station. So much love for the K-Bran. Just saw him on stage in Harlequinade and it was outstanding.)

I need your recommendations, friends, family and randoms of the Internet. Don’t go letting me down.


  1. I quite literally shrieked when I saw Artemis Fowl! Then I read your note. Now I am a sad clown.


    PS: Dear Sir Kenneth….puh-leeeeeeeeaaaasssseee?!?!?!?

    I love movies but am quite bad about actually going to see them. I am quite excited about the Deadpool movie and pretty much anything with Morgan Freeman in it. I rely heavily on you to point me to good things.

    No pressure… 😉


    1. I seriously hope it IS this year. I mean, I die. For real.

      I’ll keep you posted. But I can’t promise to have great taste…! 😉


      1. The Mirren is ace. Have you seen Trumbo yet? She positively oozes with malice.

      2. It is on my gotta-see list. I am hoping to find it this weekend! I have been in love with her since Caligula (and I don’t mean the sanitized-for-your-protection version that seems to be available today…the full-fledged large screen saw it in the theater and still have it stuck in my head 30+ years later version).

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