Review: Away We Go

Sam Mendes’ sweet road trip movie, Away We Go, achieved something few other films have managed this year: a screaming belly laugh and actual tears of amusement, all with the simple expedient of some childish behaviour with a baby stroller.

As an examination of drifting thirtysomethings, unsure if they’re ‘fuckups’ or not, encountering a stream of stereotypical families as they careen across North America looking for a place to call home, it doesn’t exactly tread new ground. But Mendes’ great strength, here as in American Beauty, is not an original story but an original retelling

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Also, something I didn’t mention in the BB review but should have done is the great soundtrack. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, musically, but the Nick Drake-inspired drifting wandering-man-with-a-guitar tracks suit the movie brilliantly and are the excellent side of easy listening. Mostly courtesy of a US-based Scot, Alexi Murdoch.

Of gallbladders and film reviews

Well, I’m better. Stones have been whipped out (and man were there a LOT of them… as you can see from this grim picture tweeted from my hospital bed), stitches healed and removed and I am once again fit for human company. I checked with the doctor and exercise is fine so I’m back in the gym trying not to kill my admittedly pathetic but at least existing daily half hour workout habit.

It’s half an hour because I’m too unfit to do more than thirty minutes of cardio in one go, not because I don’t have time. But at least I’m going before work and being all virtuous. And then eating my bodyweight in chocolate and butter.

Anyway, other things that are not health-related have happened, and they were more fun. Here are three fun things:

– We saw Sam Mendes’ new film, Away We Go, for free, and it was ace. I have zipped a review over to Cate at BitchBuzz and will post when it’s actually on the site, with some extra thoughts that I had that were too waffly for the review.

– We went to a Susie Perring exhibition. I own one of her goldfish prints and would happily snaffle up her entire back catalogue. It’s on the When I Win The Lottery list, right after getting myself a green card and having a holiday at the Grand Floridian.

– I started baking again! Rachel Allen’s Sweet Potato and Pecan Loaf (except I used walnuts, not pecans) and it’s the richest, moistest, most wonderful use for a vegetable ever. And it was thrifty – I had three sweet potatoes that had seen slightly better days but that were still usable that went into it. I finished off the loaf experimentation with Nigella Lawson’s Banana Bread, full of sticky, rum-soaked raisins that are just gorgeous. The alcohol burns off, so they’re safe for kids. I’ve frozen most of that as Ash doesn’t do bananas and even I can’t finish it all alone.

To follow: posts about The Hen Do, with pictures, jam tarts, with recipe and stuff. Just as soon as I get round to it. Promise.