New project for 2009: The Collaboration

I’ve had an idea! It’s been long enough since I’ve had an idea for a fictional piece that I’m really happy with and have pondered muchly, so I’m pretty happy about this. Actually, I’m more than “pretty happy” as it turns out I have two ideas! At once! I know, bring on the trumpets.

One idea needs more time to ferment and develop, although I’m stabbing at it erratically when I feel the urge. It’s a grown up monster book and hopefully will take some more shape in my mind than the nebulous ideas I’ve jotted down. The other idea is for a children’s picture book and has nothing to do with monsters (although the two do tend to go together). It’s basically a protracted, repetitive series of gags told in rhyme, which I’ve started to draft. Ashley has felt his creative fingers itching and is going to provide the illustrations as the gags have a strongly visual element. It’s all very exciting as this is the first writing I’ve done collaboratively, and the first idea I’ve felt really excited about and that I think has genuine marketable potential.

There’s still a lot of work to go, of course – the first draft is always a tad shonky, but there are one or two elements I see making the final cut. It seems like all this blogging has finally had a knock-on effect and inspired a different type of writing creativity. Fingers crossed.