Jack Brown

I’ve just found out that over the weekend, little Jack Brown died.

I first found out about Jack’s story when I was working for a company called 2Simple Software. They had done some charitable work in South Africa and Israel based around software and computers, but when they heard about Jack, a whole new part of the 2Simple Trust sprang up: helping children with neuroblastoma, a particularly nasty and virulent cancer that tends to strike very young children.

Jack was just a toddler when it first invaded his body. He had been given up as a lost cause many times, but his family battled on and with the help of fundraisers they got Jack to New York to have groundbreaking treatment at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center. This treatment undoubtedly gave Jack two years with his family that he would not have had if he had stayed here in the UK at the time.

Jack’s website was the first charity website I ever worked on; it’s what gave me the bug to want to work with another charity one day. The regular updates from his family I received to add to it were both heartbreaking and inspirational. I am so sorry to hear that Jack lost his battle, and I know that the charity will continue to use the funds it has to help other children like him. My heart goes out to Jack’s fantastically strong, loving parents and his young brother and sister.

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