Hill & Knowlton Social Media Event

Last night, Hill & Knowlton gathered together third sector web professionals for a social media forum to which we were very kindly invited. You can find a few tweets about the event hashtagged #hksocial. We were added to the mix via Candace Kuss, who as well as being a huge dog fan who has raised guide dog pups used to be at Ogilvy, who still work with Dogs Trust. She liked our Twitter feed and followed our social engagement with interest, so invited us to give a case study.

It worked remarkably well alongside Canadian H&K VP of social media David Jones, who gave a wide-reaching presentation on the basics of social media and engagement from a Canadian government perspective. This set the groundwork beautifully for me to babble on about what we were actually doing with the different tools. I will remind him to send me an analysis presentation from War Child Canada he mentioned, which promises to be very interesting. My focus now is on finding the right social metric; we know we’re succeeding because dogs are being rehomed and people are talking about us. Numbers are nice, but they’re not particularly helpful here. We just need to find a way to present that to people who don’t quite understand it, but want to.

As with most of my presentations, I make a few sketchy notes and then ad-lib to keep it fresh. After all, I do this stuff every day; if I can’t talk about it with passion off the cuff then I’m in the wrong job. As always there were things I wish I’d said (or said differently), but I hope I got the main ideas across and gave someone some information they can take back and use as a way of spurring internal buy-in: “Yes, I know the Internet is scary to you, but Dogs Trust did it…”.

That’s why we talk at these things; we know we have it relatively easy with a forward-thinking and positive marketing team and we want to help break down hurdles and silos in other charities because apart from anything else that’s where we too get inspiration and ideas! The more social media stuff that’s going on, the more we can all advance together.

I had to run directly afterwards as I wanted to drop in on Silicon Stilettos, a great women in tech networking event run by Zuzanna from Huddle. I’m glad I did, too. Not only did I manage to get the cutest nose-licks from Jamie Klingler’s Cavalier King Charles, McNulty, I met the fab Anna from CompletelyNovel, with whom I definitely want more to do.

No time to blog more now, but I did want to note my thoughts and thank Hill and Knowlton for the invitation.


  1. Hi Alex

    Thank you for coming to speak – I loved your presentation. Really engaging and great for demystifying social media and encouraging people to jump in. We’d love to do a more informal ‘forum’ / roundtable at some point. Get a few people in a room to share their experiences, what has worked, what didn’t work…Would you be up for coming along?



    1. Hi Sara,

      Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback. We try to be informal precisely because it all sounds so scary; the reassure people that any negatives can be overcome, etc.

      I’d love to be part of further events around soc med – count me in!




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