When is a hat not a hat? When it’s a Hat

Many months ago, Ramona strolled out of daycare holding a fuzzy piece of fuchsia fabric from the odds-and-ends box. It looked a bit like the unfortunate remains of a Muppet that came to a sticky end but the staff said they wouldn’t miss it and she could keep it.

Perhaps because at the time she also happened to have a pink hat, she christened said rag “Hat”. Hat lives in the car, only. He is the first thing she asks for in the car, so when Hat accidentally fell into a puddle and we had to take Hat away to be washed, this caused some comment.

A few days later, Hat was finally returned to Ramona, who was ecstatic. This week, I’ve heard the following about fourteen times:

“Hat clean!”

“Hat had go wash…”

“Hat fall in puddle.”

“Hat in CAR!”

“Hat CLEAN!”

If you need a better reason for using ordinary household bits and bobs as toys, I can’t think of one.

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