Cybher: The Round-Up

I’ve just submitted a piece to BitchBuzz on the general wonder that was Cybher, so here I’m just going to stick to my own personal highlights. If you want to find out more about the event, just head over to the website.

Well, what a day that was. I’m seriously in awe of Sian To, as she swept like a nattily-dressed force of nature through proceedings without ever losing the smile on her face (except when she teared up at how far Cybher has come, which is understandable). Impressive stuff.

The highlights for me:

  • Meeting Disney PR / social media bod Grace Yee and boring the poor woman silly with my thoughts on Epcot, Alan Menken and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (or, as Ramona called it this morning ‘Mickey House Clubmouse’).
  • Getting to see two marvellous women, Lori Smith and Natalie Lue, both leading sessions on their areas of expertise, and owning the room.
  • Seeing the world’s most self-possessed nine-year-old presenting on a huge and intimidating stage without blinking.
  • Getting a list of apps to explore for work as well as fun.
  • Finding out some more proactive strategies – and legal info – for dealing with trolls when ‘not feeding’ doesn’t work (and I always think ignoring it is somehow pretty unfair anyway).
  • Being really inspired by Jennifer Begg and others in a session about social media for social good. (Must read Half the Sky!).
  • Meeting and chatting to various people I know in real life and from Twitter such as Gail Doggett and Esther Freeman, but also people I’d never met before who were rather marvellous.

An honourable mention has to go to the Palmer’s PRs who must have got sick of hearing the words “I had no idea you did all this stuff!” and calmly passed out immensely generous bags of cocoa butter goodies – presumably so they never had to hear it again. Oh, and we had the most kick-arse branded goodie bags – actual leather satchels – I’ve ever seen. None of which are the main reasons anyone goes to an event like this – no, really – but they’re a massively appreciated bonus.

It really was a fabulous day and I would go again. So there.


  1. I didn;t know Palmers did that stuff either. Bonus!
    Half the Sky is a brilliant book. It will change you.

    Claire @ Cybher


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